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October born persons are efficient Administrators


 Waqt ka har shay gulaam, Time rules everyone.

 Persons born in October are governed by number 1 and 3 (October = 7 + 3 + 4 + 7 + 2 + 5 + 2  = 30 = 3).  Number 1 is ruled by Sun and 3 is ruled by Jupiter. An ‘October born’ possesses the might of the ‘Sun’ and the wisdom of ‘Jupiter’.

 Those born in October share their birth month with Mahatma Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Indira Gandhi, Annie Besant, Ramsay Mc.Donald, Alfred Nobel, John Keats, Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini and Rekha.

 As a numerologist, it is always a pleasure to meet a person born in October because I have seen most of them rise to great heights in life. October is the 10th month of the year. The mighty number 1 combined with the almighty power of number 0 becomes extremely powerful. 

 ‘October born’ people possess leadership qualities and are very good administrators. This is the reason why the administrative, political and creative field in every country are generally occupied by people born in ‘October’. ‘October born’ peoples live the life to the extremes: may it be success or failure.

  If a person is born on 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of October, it is one of the luckiest combinations of numbers in Numerology. All that is required is: a perfectly compatible name to support the date of birth.

 ‘October born’ people are likely to have a life full of many sudden ups and downs if assigned an unlucky or non-compatible name spelling. A year ago an ‘October born’ man ‘Sanjiv Jain’ approached me for consultation. His business was flourishing well and all he wanted to know was: How he could be more successful and rich?  On his numerological analysis, I found that he was blessed with a very lucky date of birth. And his name initial’ S’ vibrated positively with the date of birth. But his name spelling was not at all compatible with the date of birth. I warned him of a negative year 2006 ahead. Time passed by and there was no further interaction.

  In June 2006, I got a call from his father informing him that his business declined to ten percent and he was allegedly put behind the bars. It took me to no surprise because the life of October born people can be full of many mishaps if they are given a non-compatible name. And the year 2005 was not good as per his destiny. Later, I corrected the spelling to ‘Sunnjiv Jain’, to remove the negativity and get him out of the miseries.  

 It is because of this reason that I suggest a thorough analysis to be done before assigning a name to an ‘October born’ child. Remember that one must never assign an ordinary or neutrally compatible name to a child born in October because it kills his/her potential and dims their bright prospects.

 Now we shall discuss the peculiar characteristics and significant points about the lives of an ‘October born’.

 Characteristic traits:-

Persons born in October are positive in their thoughts as well as deeds. They have vision and intuition, and usually succeed when they follow their instincts. They are psychic and are excellent at spiritualism, theosophy and occult sciences. Despite this they are rational and are convinced only by facts.  They respect knowledge and can spend their life time acquiring it. They rarely have a happy married life.

 They love beautiful and artistic things. They are good with people due to their tact and persuasiveness. They love to work in groups. They love adulation and can succumb to flattery. Their inability to say ‘no’ leads them into many difficulties.


Health problems:-

They tend to suffer from melancholia and poor nerves. They have afflictions of the kidneys, headaches and back problem. They must protest their throat from infections. They must wear a Ten Mukhi Rudraksha along with an Ek- Mukhi rudraksha to safeguard health.


Career options:-

They are excellent public figures, politicians, leaders, architects and actors. The creative zeal within them makes them very successful as an artiste.


Financial position:-

They have little regard for the value of money. This makes them experience great ups and downs in finances.


Lucky colours:-

 Blue, rose pink and light shades of all colours are lucky for them. They must keep a handkerchief of these colours whenever they are on an important task.


Lucky gem:-

 Opal and White Pearl is most suited to their destiny. As Opal is available in different shades, it must be chosen as per the colours suited to one’s date of birth. 


 The initials ‘A’, ‘I’, ‘J’, ‘M’,‘R’ and ‘S’   are most suited for persons born in October.  This gives their creativity an impetus to shine on a grand scale.  

October born’ children must never be assigned a name beginning with ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘E’, ‘H’, ‘K’, ‘N’, ‘P’ and ‘V’ because these initials make them introverted and adversely affect their creative and leadership skills.


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