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  Is your name spelling lucky ?
 Is your child's name lucky ?
  Is your firm's name lucky ?

  Is 8 & 13 unlucky ?

  Can Numerology affect your saving ? 
  Lucky & unlucky names
  Lucky & unlucky numbers
  What are your lucky numbers ?

  Are you made for each other ?

Special power of vowels
 Your date of birth and health
  What are Master Numbers ?
  What are Karmic Numbers ?
 Which day were you born ?
Good & Bad Omens
 How loving a husband/wife you are ?
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Ask a Question

 INR: 1200.00

Ask A question

Numerology unveils each and every secret of life. Life is full of questions. Get answer to an important question of your life through Numerology.


Ask Three Questions

 INR: 3000.00

Ask 3 Questions  

Numerology unveils each and every secret of life. Life is full of questions. Get answers to three questions of your life through Numerology.

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is your name lucky image

INR: 1200.00

Is your name lucky ?  

A lucky name spelling can make you successful and bring positive changes in your life.

Know whether your name is lucky and what your name spelling has in store for you.


Is your child's name lucky image

INR: 700.00

Is your child's name lucky ?

Is your child's name lucky? Get a detailed analysis of your child's name and its impact on his/her destiny.

Know the Lucky Colours and Rudrakshas for your kid.

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Numerological Name Correction

Name Correction is a scientific process to make the new name spelling effective on your destiny without making any changes in certificates or documents.

The signature is corrected to make new spelling effective on your destiny.



Numerological name correction for newborns / kids

 A scientific process to make the new name spelling effective on your destiny without making any changes in certificates or documents. Signature is corrected to make new spelling effective.

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 INR: 1200.00


Is your firm's name lucky ?  

Get numerological guidance for your business/firm/shop's name and know whether it is lucky for you. Know the movement of profits and losses in coming five years to take precautionary measures.


INR: 20,000.00


Firm's name correction  

Why isn't your firm performing well ? Why is it incurring huge losses. Get numerological guidance for your business/ firm/ shop's name and get it corrected according to Numerology.

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INR: 1500.00

Luckiest Rudraksha Combination

Know the luckiest Rudraksha combination to vitalize your body, mind and soul. A combination to help you achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams.

Special combinations for :

* Health problems,

* Concentration,

* Financial growth,

* Evil effect safeguard


INR: 2100.00

Manglik Dosha

Remedies & Suggestions

The most common effect of Manglik dosha is - Delay in Marriage.

Apart from this if a manglik boy/girl is married to a non-manglik spouse then the event of death or severe accidents have been witnessed.

In this report we will analyse the intensity of Manglik Dosha in your charts and guide the best remedies for it.

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Kundli Matching | Kundli Milan | Horoscope Matching

 INR: 1200.00

Kundli Matching, Guna Milaan, Match-making - Horoscope Matching

Are the horoscopes compatible ? Is there any Dosha in the milaan ? Is manglik dosha absent ? is grah maitri present ? All these and related queries will be answered here.


Career Report | Career Prospects

INR: 3000.00

Career Report  

Get an in-depth career report and know how you can work towards bringing positive changes on your career front and the remedies to ensure a successful career ahead.

You can also ask any question related to Career in this report.

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 INR: 3000.00

Lucky Yogas in your Kundli  

Get detailed analysis of various yogas present in your kundli and their interpretation to know what the planets have in store for you.


 INR: 1200.00

Sadhesati ? Effect & Remedies

What is Shani Sadhe Sati ? What is its effect on your life ? What are its results ? What are the remedies or upaay to reduce the malific effect of Sadhe Sati ? Get all these answers here.

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 INR: 3000.00

Dasha Effect & Remedies

What is the bhukti Mahadasha/Antardasha you are going through ? What is its effect and what are the upaay or remedies to be followed ? Get these answers here.


 INR: 5000.00


3 year' predictions

Let numbers unravel what's in store for you. Get a report containing predictions for coming three years along with pooja or any upaay if required.

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 INR: 3000.00

Finance Report

What are your financial prospects? When will you be well settled financially? Get answers to these questions through vedic astrology.


Marriage Report

 INR: 3000.00

Marriage Report  

Worried about marriage? When will it take place? How will it be? Why is it delayed? Causes and remedial measures. Get answers to all these questions through Vedic Astrology.

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 INR: 3000.00

Palm Reading

The lines on the palm reveal a lot about your life. Know what is destined in your life through your palm.

Get an in-depth analysis through palmistry. All the answers of life are found in the palm.


 INR: 3000.00

Health Report

Know the diseases that you might get affected with and the remedial measures for the same.

Get complete information about your health, diseases and the remedies for the same.

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 INR: 3000.00

Foreign Travel Report

Are their any abroad prospects ? Will you earn from foreign countries ? Know about your foreign prospects through the signs and lines on your palm.


 INR: 1200.00

Is your signature lucky ?  

Signature is the graph of life. Your signature reveals a lot about your character and destiny. A lucky signature can make you successful and generate positive vibes around you. In this report we will reveal the characteristic traits of your signature and whether its lucky or NOT !

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 INR: 3000.00

Childbirth/ Progeny Prospects

Kids are the next generation and a dream of every parents. A slight problem in the horoscope can be a major cause behind Childlessness or delays in Child Birth.

Vedic Astrology can be an efficient tool to help in this case.


 INR: 7000.00

Birth Time Rectification

In the absence of Accurate Birth time, the predictions will also be inaccurate and not Precise. This can affect the life of an Individual.

In this report, we will calculate your exact Birth time to the nearest minutes.



Special Reports

Get personalized special reports with a detailed predictions about all aspects of life i.e. Health, Career, Education, Marriage, Finance, Lucky, unlucky, Sadhe sati, Gemstone, Mahadasha effect etc.


Phone Consultation

Live Consultation on Phone

Get Expert guidance on all queries through Vedic Astrology & Numerology on Phone.

Maximum Number of Queries per session of 30 minutes : 4.

Complete privacy ensured during the calls.

This special service is processed within 12 hours.

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5 years  INR 7,500.00

Buy 30 Minutes Phone Consultation Services

10 minutes INR 2,100.00

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10 years INR 9,000.00

Buy 30 Minutes Phone Consultation Services

30 minutes INR 6,100.00

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15 years INR 11,000.00

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60 minutes INR 11,000.00


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