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Handwriting can be a sure guide to your character

Graphology Image

 Did you ever notice that your handwriting reveals a major part of your character?

 If you did not then just sit back and read what all a graphologist can tell about you just after analyzing your handwriting.

 Amiability : Softly rounded curves of the handwriting and gentle slopes.

 Candour : It is indicated by an open, rounded hand, of even quality, and generally straight lines across the page. There is frankness in the form of the letter which expresses this quality very obviously.

 Conscientiousness : It is indicated when the punctuations are well-marked, and there is an evidence of attention to detail throughout, i.e. an attempt to be precise and to the point is clearly visible. The writing is rounded and well-margined.                       

Economy : It is distinguished by the shortened finals of the letters and a general sense of carefulness in the formation of the letters themselves. The handwriting is usually of the angular type. There is no spreading out of this hand, broadcast over the paper, or large flowing initials.

  Generosity : The ending letters are well-rounded; writing open and clear. The y is allowed a broad spreading curve, and the capitals are of like proportions.

 Humility : It is indicated by a small writing which is uniformly shaped and free from flourish movements of the letters. The writing is generally well margined in the beginning of the page but takes a zigzag movement as the lines progress.

 Melancholy : It is indicated by a descending slope of the writing. The writing is more- rounded and the pressure of writing decreases as the line progresses. Punctuations are very clearly marked in the beginning but as the paragraph progresses, the punctuations are missing.                             

 Pride  : It is resembled by a large Ėsized letters with capitals that emphasize it. Generally, the ending stroke is very sharp in such handwriting.

 Sensuousness : It is a typical adjunct to painters and writers. It is generally marked by the heaviness of the line of the signature. The letters are flourished and drawn artistically. A peculiar characteristic of such handwriting is that its size decreases as the sentence progresses.

 Selfishness : It is indicated by angularity and compression of the handwriting. A rounded style of letter, although it may be compressed, is not an indication of selfishness. When the letter is very pronounced there is a tendency apparent in the initials to reverse the ordinary curve. Selfishness may also be indicated in a writing that is otherwise capable of showing affection by the inversion of curves of capitals.

 Tact : It is associated with a fine-lined handwriting, tending to the upright, but small and spear-shaped loops to the l and h, and a straightness of line and a final that extends without much rise to it. 

 Vanity : It is easily identified in the ornate, and frequently otherwise unmeaning, flourish beneath the signature. The capitals, too, tend to exaggeration in form and over-elaboration.

 In the end, I would like to tell the readers that handwriting is a sure guide to character. But it does not mean that, by analysing the handwriting, everything can be told about a personís character. Other sciences like physiognomy are very helpful in this regard.  One thing that can be surely said is : when a personís character or destiny undergoes a major change, a change is always found in the handwriting too.

Similarly, when the name spelling of a person is numerologically corrected and it starts yielding results, the changes will also be visible in the handwriting.  


Is your signature lucky ?  

Signature is the graph of life. Your signature reveals a lot about your character and destiny.

A lucky signature can make you successful and generate positive vibes around you. To get a personalized signature report.

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