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No number is Unlucky in Numerology !

Let me make it very clear  :  there is no such thing as an unlucky number . I know some  people must have been startled  after reading what I just said  but I can assure you and also prove  whatever I am saying.

 Is it possible to have an atom without the (negatively charged) electrons ? And when the whole world is made up of atoms , can it be expected that there will be any  thing with only the positive qualities or only with negative qualities ? Similarly every number has positive and negative characteristics /qualities ,the bright and dark shades .

 In my experience of past 38 years , I have found that every number is lucky . One just needs to mould his path in the direction destiny wants him to move. There is no number in NUMEROLOGY which predicts only negatively. I repeat " numerology is a guiding and refining science ", so numerology guides not only how to achieve the goals , but also the methods to get out of adversities . 

Similarly there is a myth about numbers 3,4,8,13.

The western world considers 13 as very unlucky (because this was the number of people who attended the last supper). The Australian cricketers consider 87 unlucky because it is short of  a 100 . there is a profound hatred for the number 13 . this myth must be removed because in  Numerology  it is a fortunate  number which symbolizes changes and gain of power/ authority.

There is also a dread of number 4 and 8 . There is no doubt that those who are born on  4th , 13th , 22nd , 31st  or  8th , 17th , 26th  of any month are essentially practical in approach towards life and materialistic .

Number 8 people  are thoughtful , sober , of  ponderable  mind  with patience  and endurance . they have a desire to accumulate  and amass wealth . Number  4 is symbolized by planet Uranus  .Number 4 people have quick , intellectual and assimilative power of expression in writing  as well as in speech . they are energetic , alert , muscular ,spasmodic and unbiased in outlook.

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