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2012 : Monthly Horoscope : August Horoscope


Aries    Taurus    Gemini    Cancer   Leo    Virgo    Libra   Scrorpio   Sagittarius    Capricorn   Aquarius   Pisces



Aries are experiencing a great desire to be with people in August: especially to spend time with their partners and also to establish new liaisons with the opposite sex; so good news for all Aries who are looking to meet new people and take fledgling relationships to the next level. Highly affectionate and amorous, Aries are sure to make an impression that special person in their lives. Aries are known for their spontaneous and surprising romantic gestures.

Being compromising in one–to-ones is intrinsic to your own needs within the relationship: you will be amazed at what you can achieve by giving way a little first: being hard headed and selfish within relationships will only flummox your own desires.

During the first three weeks of August it will be advisable to finalize all commercial dealings and negotiations i.e. those involving loans, credit agreements, joint ventures or any dealings where you pool funds or rely on the financial assistance of others. As the month wears on financial dealings will become increasingly slow and troublesome and bay even backfire if not cut and dried before August 25. Do not take financial risks after the 25th of this month.

This will not be the best month for tackling tricky issues within relationships. You must concentrate on working together and the deeper issues at stake will tend to resolve themselves. Aries are best off postponing matters which relate to past relationships until later in the year; allow for a cooling off period.

Lucky Color : Pink




 Expect things at work to be highly productive and at the same time enjoyable. More camaraderie and cooperation at work will lighten the load, lift moral and help you to achieve some impressive things. Taureans are very diligent, highly motivated and organized within their work sphere and results will come consistently. Taurus will feel far more satisfied and comfortable within their work situation – it is as if the clouds have suddenly lifted and your enthusiasm, confidence and optimism are returning.

Not only within the career sphere, but in terms of life direction, in general, Taurus will have great intuitive insight and will make excellent decisions or develop ideas which will have a very useful long term impact.

Health will be improving from now until the end of the year: energy and the zest for life will be yours once more and mentally Taurus will be far more focused and stronger, as well as having the ability to see things in perspective. Taurus will find that they are able to make sense of developments and even the disappointments of late.

Expect life to start moving through the gears again. Expressing yourself and making your ideas and needs understood in relationships may prove tough this month, so beware of misunderstandings, because your partner may appear very insensitive and unsympathetic. You may feel quite isolated at times, and near the end of the month communication may break down totally; do not take any of the pessimism on board, be reminded that you can only truly rely on yourself and that it is up to you to see that your needs are met, no one else can truly do that for you. 

Lucky Color : White



Geminis are magnets for romance in August. Romantic distractions will be quite a barrier to progress in other spheres of your life. Geminis are attracting affectionate and adventurous types and in typical fashion, Geminis are jumping in impulsively and going with the flow. Your love life should be very rewarding and stimulating in general and you will find that your partner is warm and responsive. Marriages and old relationships should regain their spark during August and you will feel like teenagers again.

At work, August will prove to be very busy and very energy sapping, you may feel that you are spread too thin and are multi tasking to the extreme: long hours may be the order of the day. Please do not procrastinate – try to complete any written assignments, speeches, proposals, contracts or letters before August 15th as after that producing good copy will be harder: writer’s block, fatigue and mental exhaustion will all be factors which come into play.

Prepare for some uphill at work as you reach the month end, be patient with colleagues and make allowances. Travel may be fraught with delay and difficulty, so always leave extra time.

Many Geminis will be thinking about taking up study or a course of some sort this month: this may be part time or informal, but will prove very helpful for your overall development. For writers this is a good month for publishing or for gaining publicity for your creative efforts.

Lucky Color : Pastel Green




August will be a great month for entertaining at your home as well as getting cracking on home improvements and decorating projects before Christmas. Family relationships will be supportive and cooperating will be easy. You may even become involved with a family member on a joint project or initiative.

August is another good one for any property purchase, investment in property or purchase of something in the vein of antiques, collectables or art.

Cancer are feeling very sentimental about the past in August. Cancer as a sigh always revere and cherish the past and this month are likely to dig through those memories. This is also a unique opportunity to reconcile or develop a positive slant on an old nagging issue you may have.

Single Cancerians may look to revive past relationships or form relationships with old friends: this is as a result of discovering you have less in common than you thought with someone you met recently.

Cancerians involved in creative and artistic endeavors may find that productivity and the generation of new ideas declines over the course of the month, so try to get everything completed before the last third of the month. Look out for conflict and resistance to your ideas from the groups you were involved with or creative projects you are involved in.

Lucky Color :  Golden




Your problem solving skills will be needed on the domestic front: family issues and issues to do with your home will require a great deal of thought and planning. Do not put things off as they will get more onerous as the month goes on. Child minding, home repairs, family members having to stay are all situations which could arise. At the end of August, Leos will feel rather hemmed in and stifled as if they are sacrificing too much personal freedom.

At work things will really motor, as Leo will be effortlessly combining diplomacy, leadership and the powers of conciliation to create success in all endeavors, especially those involving travel, PR, IT and teaching. Your relations with co-workers should blossom this month.

Things relationship-wise are definitely improving and Leo are once again feeling supported and understood by their partners. You will begin to wonder why you were ever disillusioned with your marriage/partnership: Suddenly things seem so much easier to deal with and both old and new relationships will contain and unusually high proportion of sparkle, magic and meaning.

Lucky Color : Ebony




A very encouraging month for the finances and the old bank balance. Virgo will begin to see a correlation between effort and monetary results. It will be a very positive month for Virgos looking into beginning a new business venture: your high motivation and love for what you are doing will mean that things get off to a good start. Indeed, from August onwards things will begin to look far rosier and more encouraging on the work front: more clarity will make being decisive and seeing new solutions to the work related problems which have dogged you far easier.

Health-wise, things are set to improve dramatically from mid August on: your whole outlook will be more positive and more settled (i.e. you will feel far more resolved from within).

Mercury retrograde in Cancer in August means that anything you are tackling connected with communications, writing, commuting, contracts or learning will tend to grind to a halt or suffer disruption and inconvenience – so be prepared and leave plenty of time for everything.

Although the month may end with you feeling rather depressed and deflated, you should not dwell on these feelings as they are temporary and should not cloud what really is a good month.

Lucky Color : Dark Green




August will be a challenging month in terms of personal finances. Keep an open mind and do not assume anything as August will be full of pitfalls and surprises to do with financial matters. Nothing will pan out too badly, but remaining flexible and anticipating all eventualities (even the unlikely ones) will help you to reduce your stress levels. Avoid speaking to your friends about your finances or taking their advice. In all cases get a second opinion and if in doubt, stay put.

If you are working on a long term goal in August, remember that your ability to communicate is pivotal; also remember that formulating a clear strategy along with a time scale is essential in achieving all goals – this simple matter is all too often forgotten.

In all aspects of life, Libra will find that obtaining cooperation and seeing progress within projects is noticeably improved.

Librans are having a very favorable impact on people this month and so it is an ideal time to make a proposal (work or romance related), attend a job interview or launch yourself in some way.

Expect more romance to enter your life. With children: difficulties will become more manageable.

Lucky Color : White




The problems which Scorpio have experienced in connection with your home, family and even in reconciling with the past are waning from August onwards. Without even trying things will begin to fall magically into place and making the right decision will be effortless. It is as if a karmic lesson has been learned and you are now ale to move on.

Scorpio moving house or selling will find that the obstacles to finding that new home or selling the old one will disappear and in all cases the outcome will be the ‘right thing’!

Psychologically Scorpio are far more resolved and at peace and this will manifest in general as a calm descending around you. Scorpio are rather introspective in August and may find that the necessity for excessive social contact and communications is rather stressful. Express yourself openly and do not leave any room for misinterpretation. In all your daily activities and routines, remember to keep things simple as complications will often arise inexplicably especially towards the end of the month. Keep your diary clear for the end of August, so that you are able to accommodate the changes which will occur, this will reduce your stress. August will be a very busy and productive month in work and in terms of long term goals.

Lucky Color :  Maroon




Sagittarians are always searching and seeking for meaning in life – I know that much of the time Sagittarians look for answers in books or via the vehicles of religion or travel, but this month you should look somewhere else for answers and inspiration - within yourselves. Sagittarius are on a spiritual quest in many ways during August and people may find you rather distracted and distant. I feel that you are struggling to make sense of things, the more you try to rationalize the more the answer will evade you: try to allow the answers to come to you.

August is not the best month for travel or for planning anything stressful, demanding or an activity which requires you to be at a peak mentally: it is a more introspective month favoring quite work done in lone atmosphere; nothing will come to you under pressure. August will be a good month for creative brain storming or writing – BUT preferably if done alone rather than within a group context. In fact getting on and participating successfully in group projects involving mental effort will not be easy. Recreational group activities however will be far more successful for you.

August will be a very insightful month and by its end you will have come to important realizations about things – not always in a concrete, logical way, but in a more spiritual way. During August you may frequently be called upon to look after and help siblings or relatives in some way

Lucky Color : Voilet



August is a great time to promote yourself and get noticed. Venus and Mars within your tenth house are creating drive and motivation to reach for your goals and the ability to make favorable impressions on people. Your leadership skills are excellent during this month. It will also be an opportune time for persuading your superiors and demonstrating your enthusiasm. You can be sure that in August you will be projecting to right image: bold and enterprising and yet also compromising.

Matters pertaining to your personal finances will become more clear and easier to deal with as the month goes on, indeed you will now feel able to make important decisions regarding money. Take time to make these decisions and do not discount your gut feel: Capricorn have a happy knack of making wise financial decisions which make their money grow.

In your work and personal life where you have to deal with or co-ordinate groups of people, be very cautious and deliberate in all your communications to avoid confusion and uncertainty, especially as the month wears on. Differences in ideals may make obtaining consensus amongst your groups and friends hard.

At the end of the month, relationships could suffer as a result of misunderstandings, especially when it comes to money and how to handle joint finances. Delay any discussions about money with your partner, until next month.

Lucky Color : Black



During August Aquarians will find that the fog of confusion and veil of uncertainty over their lives is lifting: both mentally and physically your health will improve and your spirits will begin to soar. Aquarians will begin to feel more purposeful and almost have a renewed sense of who they are and of what they want from life from now on. It will feel like a debut or spring after a long hibernation.

A very productive and lucrative month for Aquarians involved in teaching, publicity, publishing or social work and your work will bring you much pleasure and even the chance of romance.

Aquarians may notice that their values this month are more spiritual than material and that your friends will flock to you for your wisdom, advice and compassionate understanding of their problems.

If you are undertaking any public speaking or if your job involves PR or communications be well prepared and to not leave things unfinished as the end of August draws near: make sure that you have back up plans.

Lucky Color : Grey



Good news for your relationships: Pisces will be experiencing great harmony and passion within intimate relationships – what makes the indications so great is the two way flow of the love and affection. All too often relationships involve one doing all the giving and the other doing all the taking, not so this month though. Actually Pisces it may be hard for you to break out of that love bubble.

Pisces are highly intuitive this month and should pay attention to dreams and intuition. You may perceive strong karmic connections to the past via relationships and small things may have deep significance for you. For Pisces who have been held back by feeling of bitterness and resentment relating to past injustices: you will from August on be able to place these events within a life context, see that they were somehow ‘meant’ and that you learnt and grew from the experience. You will gain a very real sense of moving on and leaving the past and past disappointments behind.

A good month for the finances you share with your partner and an opportune time to seek finance, you may even come into some money. The end of the month will be a tricky one at work and for legal dealings, so try to get loose ends tied up before August 17th.

Lucky Color : Orange

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