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Vedic Yajna - What is a Yajna ?

One of the most unique features of the Vedic System are the Remedial measures. Vedic Astrology focuses not merely on finding the cause of the problems but also on the remedial measures to negate the effect of negative forces.

Rig Veda mentions the powers of Yajna. Since early vedic era Indians have been performing Yajnas to accomplish different goals and to negate the effect of evil spirits or planets. It lessens the negative energies of one's karma to bring peace, harmony and prosperity in his life. 

Yajna is actually the essence of Vedas.  In Vedic culture, yajnas were performed primarily with the purpose of creating harmony. This harmony refers not only to the issues of nature and the place of human beings within the environment, but also to the harmony within a human being. Deities (gods), as principles of life, natural phenomena or psycho-social tendencies in the human, were conceptually acknowledged and became instrumental to obtain the harmony the humans were looking for.

During the early Vedic period there were five great kinds of sacrifices namely brahmayajna, devayajna, pitriyajna, manushyayajna and bhutayajna as sacrifices to Brahman (the highest Reality),  to devas, to ancestors, to human beings and to all living creatures respectively.

A yajna is a Vedic ritual, performed by Brahmins. It is composed of some systematic activities, such as lighting the fire, chanting of mantras, making offerings to the deity etc. The powers of mantras are nothing new to describe, anyone practicing it can see the results. On the other hand it is also well known that sacrifices pay off the debts of your karma in the alternate way than making you suffer. A yajna is always performed on an auspicious date, to bring the best possible outcome of this activity. A yajna has a very strong impact on the life of the native than any other remedies.

Undoubtedly, a yajna is the best remedy of all, and even it works as the most powerful. Donating to a yajna is one of the the best use of the money than investing in any other remedies, it is the purest and most direct remedy possible. And it is very fortunate of us that this ancient Holy ritual is still surviving these days in this age of artificiality, meanness and sins.




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