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Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing

Pranic healing effectively heals the human body and the soul without any medication. Pranic healing is based on the overall structure of the human body, working on a theory that it is composed of visible physical body and the invisible energy body or the etheric body. (The bioplasmic body or the energy body.)

The bioplasmic energy body interpenetrates the visible physical body to extend beyond it slightly. Basic assumption is that illnesses are caused by the area of the human body affected by incorrect proprotion of prana. This is where Pranic healing comes into play. It's a technique to bring the prana in the energy body to a desired level. It ocercomes the conjestion or depletion that might have been caused in the energy body.

The technique does not involve any use of medicines or any physical contact between the patient and the healer. It doesn't matter even if they are far away from each other. Interesting it may sound, a healer in India can heal a patient in the US irrespective of physical barriers.

Pranic Healing relies on two fundamental principles of self-recovery and of life force. The former assumes that the body is very much capable of healing itself even if one does not apply any medicine. This is more so in cases of illnesses like cough or colds due to viral infection, burns or other injuries.

The principle of life force states that for the life to exist, the body must have prana, chi or life force. For quick healing, the life force, especially on the affected parts needs to increased. Like the flash of a camera pranic energy accelerates the chemical reactions of the body thus hastening the process of healing.

Pranic healing is based on the principle of transference of energy from a higher level to a lower level. This vital energy can be drawn from air, sun, earth, or even nature around the physical body of any living being. The energy body and the physical body are closely interlinked.

Any disease first manifests on the energy body before it manifests in the physical body, a phenomenon that has been proved scientifically.

In the energy body, there are energy centres three to four inches in diameter called Chakras that control and energise all the organs of the visible physical body. They are like power stations supplying vital energy to all the organs. When the chakras break down, organs associated with them suffer. The chakra corresponding to the affected organ is treated and the patient is healed.

In India, too, we have a similar concept of energy or prana with the focus on energy centres called chakras. The human body has seven major chakras located at the top of the head, crown between two eyebrows, throat, heart, solar plexus, lower abdomen and at the base of the spine.

Pranic healing can cure psychosomatic (stress, irritability, anxiety, grief, hysteria, phobias, traumas) as well as other minor/major physical ailments. Students who are strained by the pressure to excel in studies, can also be treated by pranic healing.

A few points to remember about pranic healing:

  • It's based on the scientific understanding of the role of the human energy fields in health and disease and with a holistic approach that focuses on the person as a whole - physical as well as spiritual and the interpersonal environment.
  • The body is physical, which we feel and touch. Energy or bioplasmic body shields the physical body.
  • The plasma is composed of positive and negative-charged ions. This energy field is also called aura. Our hands can be trained and sensitised to feel this energy body. The size and the width of the aura depends on the health and the lifestyle of the person.
  • The bioplasmic body becomes congested or depleted in certain parts. So, the flow of vital energy or prana is affected resulting in dysfunction or malfunction of the affected part or organ. When energy is blocked, the bioplasmic matter does not circulate properly and it becomes diseased.
  • Pranic healing is the process of harmonising and balancing the flow of energy within the whole person. Removing the blocked and diseased bioplasmic matter is a vital component.

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