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Is the King of Good Times suffering bad days ?


Vijay Mallya and his grandeur have always been in the limelight.  He was born on 18th December 1955. In Vedic Astrology, Mars, Mercury, Rahu & Ketu were debilitated at the time of his birth. Sun, Mercury & Venus together in Sagittarius give him the lavish style of living.

As per Numerology, he is governed by numbers 5 and 9. Number 9 is his Birth Number and Number 5 is his Destiny Number.

Birth Number 9 gives him immense self-confidence and makes him a perfectionist. He not only dreams big but with his strong will-power and dedication he also has the guts to make it a reality. Destiny Number 5 gives him the grandeur and the aura that he carries. Number 5 is governed by mercury. Number 5 can go either ways. Sometimes, it is extremely favorable while on the other it might bring its prone to sudden upheavals. Destiny number 5 persons are advised not to take decisions without giving a proper thought to the matter.

Kingfisher Airlines was founded in the Year 2003 (year governed by number 5) and commenced its operations on 9th May 2005. Kingfisher is governed by number 8 as per Numerology. Number 8 is a fatal number if its energies are properly utilized. Since its launch the company has failed to earn profits. In the year 2011 Kingfisher is under the annual ruling of number 9. In this ruling I foresee that Kingfisher will suffer a lot but come out as a survivor. Year 2012 brings a new dawn for the Kingfisher airlines with the aid of some international financial support.

Saturnís transit to Libra has caused troubles to many. The intense effect of this transit started since 20th August 2011 when Saturn entered the antim charan in Virgo.  Kingfisher Airlines has also been a sufferer of this transitional phase. This phase ends on 15th November 2011 with Saturnís entry in Libra.

Hence, I foresee the recovery phase to begin for Kingfisher Airlines from November 15th.

Kingfisher Airlines will get some relief from December and will be able to perform from 2012 (once again a year governed by number 5).

with best wishes,

Dr. (Pt.) Aaadietya Pandey ģ

       D.Sc (A.M.), Ph.d (Astrology)

(Jyotish Maha-mahopadhyay) 

(First ISO 9001:2008  Certified Astrologer - Numerologist in the World)









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