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Triple Eclipse - Solar Eclipse in July 2011 - Lunar Eclipse 2011

total lunar lunar eclipse 2011 imageTotal Lunar Eclipse - Chandra Grahan in June 2011

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on India

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Moon-signs

The months of June - July 2011 will witness a rare Astrological phenomenon of the 21st century. Triple eclipses will occur in a single month. The coming Lunar Solar Eclipses on 1st July 2011 forms a set of Triple Eclipse. The Lunar Eclipse of (Chandra Grahan) June 16, 2011 was followed by a solar eclipse (Surya Grahan) on June 1, 2011.


 Triple Eclipse in World History :

The first triple eclipse occurred in 3067 BC and coincided with the Kurukshetra war. Another triple eclipse occurred in 3031 BC, this  coincided with the destruction of the ancient city of Dwarka. In recent times, the first half of the 20th century saw the occurrence of a series of triple eclipse between 1910 and 1945, which coincided with World War I and II, the Holocaust, and the nuclear bombings in Japan.


What do the Ancient Texts say about Triple Eclipse ?

Yadaiyk maase grahaN jaayte chandra sooryayoh |

Shastra-kopaih kshayam yaanti tadaa bhoopa parasparam ||

As per Dharm Sindhu and Nirnay Sindhu -the ancient books mentioning the effect of celestial events, “Whenever a triple eclipse occurs in a lunar month, it will cause mass destruction, discontent and suffering among the masses, decline of empires (symbolizing government in the present reference) and global wars.”


Why is the Triple Eclipse in 2011  so Alarming ?

This will be the longest Solar Eclipse witnessed by Indians in the 21st Century and this triple Eclipse will be followed by six sets of such triple eclipses that will continue till 2020. Hence, it marks the beginning of an Era of Triple Eclipses known to have always caused severe destruction.


Triple Eclipse and the Concerns for India :

The concern for India is that we are surrounded by nations facing internal political strife. The potential of this strife overflowing into India is pretty high and to make situations worse we have the Alarming beginning of the triple eclipse. The predicted path of the forthcoming eclipse and recently observed pattern of earthquakes hints that areas where this total eclipse will be visible in India are more susceptible to earthquakes and man-made and natural disasters.

 The Kashmir Issue and a series of terrorist attacks are also likely to be a cause of serious concern. The Triple Eclipse warns of clashes between countries.

According to Varahamihira, if Sun rises eclipsed there will be danger to autumnal crops as well as to the king. So the rulers (Prime minister, President, Ministers of Ruling parties) can be hit by this eclipse and they should be careful this year. As the Patna and Bhopal are two state capitals where total eclipse can be seen, rulers, top officials and ministers of these states can be affected as well.

Chart of Independent India has Taurus ascendant. This eclipse is falling in Sagittarius sign which is the ninth house in the chart of India. Total Lunar Eclipse of June 2011 occurs in Jyeshtha Nakshatra in Sagittarius - the sign ruled by Jupiter.


Effect of Total Lunar Eclipse of June 2011 on India and indians :

  • There will be unrest among the masses.

  • Masses will be supressed under hyper Inflation .

  • Government will face the discontent and uprage of the masses in the form of protests and revolts.

  • Prices of precious metals, rice, sugar and major foodgrains will spur.

  • Government will face internal as well as extrenal conflicts in norther areas and from northern and western borders.


Effect of Solar Eclipse on Sunsigns :

The Solar Eclipse on 22nd July will be auspicious for Taurus, Virgo, Libra and Aquarius. It will be slightly negative for Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces. It will be extremely negative for Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Capricorn.


Effect of Triple Eclipse on the Masses :

The Triple eclipse will significantly affect the masses, by causing drought situations at some places and famines in the other areas. It will also affect the individuals by causing a mushrooming increase in diseases related to skin and blood. In Vedic Astrology, Sun governs the Head, the mind and thoughts of individuals. Hence, it will cause severe mental tensions, adversely affect the inter-personal relationships as well.

Eclipses are believed to cause severe health problems and are never advisable to be seen. As per the Agni Puraan it is believed that patients especially those suffering with hormonal and psychological problems, kids and pregnant ladies should NOT see the Eclipse at all. The Negative energies released during the eclipse can cause sever problems to the eyes, skin and hormones.


Remedial Measures for Eclipse:

In Vedas, it is clearly mentioned that the effect of Eclipse starts 12 hours before the actual occurrence of the event. This period of 12 hours is known as sootak. Everyone must meditate and worship their Kuldevta. In case, one does not have any information about the Kuldevta then worshipping Lord Ganesha is ideally suggested.


Do's and Don'ts during Eclipse :

According to Dharm Sindu (the ancient treatise on Religious rituals),

"Grahsparshkaalesnaanam madhye homah suraarchanam shraadham chamuchyamaane daanam mukte snanmiti kramah "

It means that a native must take bath at the beginning of the eclipse, do a homam and prayers while the eclipse is going on and do shraadh or daan at the conclusion of the eclipse. Following this ritual blesses the native with happiness of all kinds and prevents the evil effect of the eclipse.

 Food prepared before the eclipse must not be consumed during or after the Eclipse. As during the eclipse negative or harmful rays are circulated in the environment. It is therefore advised to remain indoors and avoid looking directly at the eclipse. These rays also get absorbed in the food. The cooked food should be eaten before eclipse. People should avoid eating and drinking during the eclipse phase too. Drinking water can be kept pure by adding Tulsi (Basil leaves). Tulsi leaves have religious, herbal as well as medicinal relevance.  This keeps the water pure. One should also refrain from sleeping during this period. These tips should be strictly observed by pregnant women.

Maharshi Gautama in Parashar Madhava explains “All except the young, the old and the ill should stop eating four Prahars (12 hours) before a solar eclipse commences. The young, the old and the ill should stop eating one Prahar (3 hours) before an eclipse.”

After bath, one should prepare food and offer it to their diety at home and then eat the Prasad. Many people give alms to the poor and the needy to derive some punya or benefits.

However, Bhargawa-archan-deepika and Jyotirnibandh mentions some eatables prepared before Eclipse to be allowed for consumption after eclipse. These are Ghee, Curd, Oil, Cooked Food, Milk and Milk products. It is suggested that 'KUSHA' must be kept over the vessles containing these food items.  

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