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Celebrity Predictions 2007

Numerology is a science of numbers. Name spelling and date of birth is analysed to predict about various aspects of one’s life. As the year 2006 ends, you must be curious to know about how the coming year will be for our celebrities. Lets see what numbers foretell for them !

Amitabh Bachchan :

Big B’ is governed by master number 11 as per the date of birth. In 2007 he will be running under the annual ruling of number 2, which is ruled by Moon.  As number 2 is perfectly compatible with his birth number 11, he will give many hits this year and the year will be very eventful. The events that take place this year will leave deep impressions on his conscience. This annual ruling also indicates an active participation in a marriage in family. So, no doubt we will witness Abhishek and Aishwarya tie the wedding knot. Later half of 2007 is not good for his personal life and health in particular. Number 11 governs Heart & Lungs, particularly the circulatory system. Special care needs to be taken in September.


Shah Rukh Khan : 

The ‘Baadhsah of Bollywood’ is governed by the creative and versatile number 2 as per the date of birth. Year 2007 is not compatible with his date of birth. He needs to guard his health particularly the upper part of the body. Of late, he had some problem in the spine. The same is likely to crop up. He will give a couple of good hits this year and also bag many awards. He is running under the annual ruling of number 4. Number 4 predicts that if the person attempts something unique and different from his normal routine he will be a grand success. But the ruling of number 4 also warns against a lot of mental stress followed by depression.  He must always keep a Yellow handkerchief to energize Moon.


Aamir Khan :

He is governed by the unstable and versatile number 5 as per the date of birth. In 2007, Annual number 9 is neutrally compatible with his number 5. His annual autonomous ruling for the year 2007 is 8 which is unfavourable for his personal life. No doubt, we will surely see some more hits from him but he will also be surrounded by controversies too. Legal cases are likely to impede his career after March 2007. He is also prone to accidents and injuries in the second half of the year.


Sachin Tendulkar :

Master Blaster is governed by Number 6 as per the date of Birth. Number 6 is one of the most consistent and stable numbers in numerology. But his destiny number 3 makes him inconsistent. Years 2005 and 2006 have not been favourable for him as he was running under the ruling of numbers 7 and which are weakly placed in his numeroscope. However, 2007 will be remembered as a highly significant year of his career. Year 2007 is a year of completion. It signifies a very successful career coming to a memorable conclusion. Hence ‘Sachin’ will blast once again in 2007 before concluding his career in 2008 -09. We will see runs coming in triple figures from him in the first half of the year. The second half will again have a mixed performance.


Sourav Ganguly :

‘Dada’ is governed by number 8 as per the date of Birth. Number 8 is a karmic number and the life of number 8 people is struggle-some at every step in life.  Year 2006 was ruled by number 8. It is the unique feature of number 8 that at times it doesn’t favour even the people born under its effect. Ganguly was running under the autonomous annual ruling of number 5 in the first half of 2006 hence he suffered a lot. In 2007 he will be under the annual ruling of number 6, which is neutrally compatible with his birth number. Hence I do not see a very remarkable performance from him. However, I do not deny that his presence will contribute few runs to the Team. May, July and October will be highly significant for him.


Sonia Gandhi :

The Super PM is governed by number 9 as per the date of birth. Mars signifies a very ambitious personality with a keen eye for perfection.  Year 2007 will be highly progressive for her. Awards, recognition and celebration will jointly adorn 10 Janpath. The year 2007 will also be a testing time on her personal front. She might feel secluded and find herself in a dilemma on relationships. Last quarter of 2007 is highly significant for her.


Manmohan Singh

: From the very first day after the Lok Sabha elections I had predicted his name as PM. The ‘technocrat-PM’ is governed by number 8 as per the date of birth. His life is a true example of how one can persevere to reach heights of glory and success – by utilizing his skills positively. This is what number 8 demands. Being a karmic number it favors only the persons who perform their duties sincerely. He will find himself in a comfortable position from March 2007. Year 2007 is not at all compatible with his birth number but perfectly compatible with his name number. Hence it will show mixed effect for him. While March, August & September will be favourable:  January, June and October will bring a lot of turmoil. This is a year of introspection. He might be called upon to perform some significant international role this year.


Rahul Gandhi:

Every time I see his numeroscope, it reminds me of Rajiv Gandhi ji not because he is the son but because he is also destined to be one of the youngest PM of India. He is governed by number 19 as per the date of birth. Number 19 is a karmic number. It signifies that Rahul can achieve new heights if he keeps a check over his aggression and thinks with a cool head. He is running under the annual ruling of number 6. Number 6 is governed by Venus – the goddess of love.  Wedding bells are ringing for him in 2007. But I won’t be surprised if it is delayed till 2009 because of the effect of Mars in his chart.  He will play a significant role in the party and will occupy a post of authority. 2007 is ruled by mars, which signifies anger, ferocity and speed. As he is governed by number 1 he must guard against accidents caused due to high speed.


Sania Mirza :

 The tennis Champ is governed by number 6 as per the date of birth. Number 6 represents stability and consistency but her destiny number 5 makes her highly inconsistent. She is destined to shine suddenly and then be dwarfed for a while. This sudden rise and fall will continue throughout her life. Her name works to number 8 which signifies sufferings and ill-health. She must take care of her legs in particular as Saturn governs this part of human body. Year 2007 will have a mixed benefit for her. Her international ranking will have an improvement but there is nothing very significant for her this year. She will be slow and steady in 2007.


Anil Dhirubhai Ambani

He is governed by number 4 as per the date of birth. No only is he a very food diplomat but also an efficient planer. These skills will be well demonstrated in 2007. He might come up with one very significant business venture for ADAG. Year 2007 is highly favourable for him as it is neutrally compatible with his birth number, perfectly compatible with destiny number and name number. In 2007 he might not be able to surpass his brother but surely reduce the gap between their net worth significantly. June onwards he will be all set to rock the world. Year 2007 will prepare a solid ground for him to celebrate 49th birthday in 2008 - a highly memorable year of his life.


And lastly the pair of 2007, Abhishek Bachchan & Aishwarya Rai :

 Abhishek Bachchan is governed by number 5 as per his date of birth. Mercury rules number 5. In 2007 he will be under the annual ruling of number 7 – the year of strengthening one’s foundation and jumping a giant leap ahead. In 2007, he will emerge as one of the most admirable actor world over. Rewards and recognitions will be accompanied with awards. Don’t be surprised if he gives consecutive hits in the latter half.

Aishwarya Rai is governed by number 1 as per her date of birth. Number 1 is ruled by the mighty Sun. her destiny number 5 makes her achieve new heights but it also predicts that after her single hit movie is followed by a series of Flops. In 2007 she will be ruled by annual ruling of number 2. Number 2 ruling signifies a homely life away from work for a long. This is going to be a merry-making year for her. 

 From February 2006, Abhishek is running under the Autonomous Annual Ruling of number 6. This is the ruling of Venus - the god of love. In numerology this ruling is believed to be

Compatibility between the two:

Number 5 is mostly compatible with number 1 and 2. Abhishek being number 5 is perfectly compatible with Aishwarya who is ruled by number 1. Compatibility between number 1 and 5 is that of Fire and Air. Both are individualistic and both have varied likes and dislikes but both can go a long way in the marital relationship. Together, they make a very strong bond, which can be seen, highly progressive for the family as well as the career of both. Their compatibility quotient as per Numerology is 7.9 out of 10 which is believed to be one of the best. According to numerology Aishwarya is influenced by Neptune, which clearly shows that she will marry a boy younger to her and her husband must also be from the glamour world. Hence, I don't see any reason why the couple cannot get married.

As Aishwarya is running under the Autonomous Annual ruling of number 2 from November 2006, it shows a bit of slow down on the career front and being blessed with the conjugal bliss within 6 months from November'06. To conclude, I can say with 100% confidence that this pair will prove to be one of the best couples of Bollywood in the coming future.


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