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Celebrity Predictions 2009


Barack Obama : 4 August 1961

I had predicted his victory way back in June 2008. Now let us see how successful he will be as a President. Obama is governed by number 4 as per the date of Birth and number 8 as per the name spelling. This makes him a strong fighter and a true survivor. Number 4 has played a vital role in US politics since its independence on July 4. I foresee him bring many socio-economic reforms in USA. Year 2009 is governed by Master Number 11and Obama will be under the annual ruling of number 9 which is non-compatible with his birth numbers. Presidential victory in this period indicates hidden dangers, challenges and troubles for the new President. Hence I foresee significant changes in US political and military policy along with internal ethnic and economic challenges for the new Prez to face. Second half of 2009 also warns the President of an attack that is likely to affect his health.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni : 7 July 1981

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is governed by Number 7 as per the date of birth. Year 2008 is governed by number 1 which is perfectly compatible with his destiny number. Year 2008 will be the most significant year for him, particularly the last 6 months. He will reach new heights of success and lead his team to success in international grounds as well. He needs to be careful about health during the first five months.


Sachin Tendulkar :  24 April 1973

Master Blaster is governed by Number 6 as per the date of Birth. As I had predicted last year, Sachin, will be back in his form and will make new records. Year 2008 is partially compatible with his destiny number. He will be under the Annual Autonomous ruling of number 1 after April. This gives a hint of a royal departure amidst huge success. Sachin’s performance is likely to have a drastic improvement in 2008. Last year he was mostly out in the 90s, this jinx will also end in 2008.


 Sourav Ganguly :  8 July 1973

‘Dada’ was back in the team and performed exactly as I had predicted last year. He did not make many runs but still played a significant role in Indian team. In 2008 he is likely to have a surprise waiting for him. As he is governed by number 8 as per the date of Birth, it is non-compatible with year number1. This has a mixed effect - going up to the extremes. At times, his performance will make the crowd and fans go crazy while the other day they might be prepared with bitter criticism for him. Overall, his performance will be better in comparison to past two years.


Amitabh Bachchan : 11 Oct 1942

Big Bachchan’ is governed by master number 11 as per the date of birth. In 2008 he will be under the annual ruling of number 3. This number is non-compatible with his birth numbers but as the Year Number 1(2+0+0+8 = 10) is perfectly compatible with his birth-date he will have another eventful year. The year will be eventful mostly on personal grounds. On the professional end I don’t see him performing very ell, except in a couple of movies. Chronic illness is indicated after September.


Shah Rukh Khan :   2 Nov 1965

SRK is governed by number 2 as per the date of birth. Year 2008 is perfectly compatible with his date of birth. As I had predicted last year he played a different role in ‘Chak De’ and ‘Om Shaanti Om’ and got appraisal as well as grand success. This year he has everything to gain and celebrate. Till November stars are completely in his favour. Relationships with co-stars will improve. Old misunderstandings are likely to settle. Many awards including a National or International Award might as well be bagged by him this year. After November, mental turmoil and legal issues will keep him absorbed.


Sanjay Dutt 29 July 1959

‘Sanju baba’ needs to be very cautious this year. It will be a crucial year ahead for him. He is governed by the Master number 11 as per the date of birth. Presently he is running under the Annual Autonomous ruling of Number 9 which never yields negative results but causes utter confusion and mental turmoil. Things will improve for him from July 2008. As far as the penalties are concerned, I cannot comment on Judiciary’s decisions but can clearly predict that Sanjay’s Career is not ending at least for next 9 years to come.


Aamir Khan :  14 March 1965

He is governed by Karmic number 14 as per the date of birth. In 2008, Annual number 1 is non-compatible with his number 5. As I had predicted last year, he was surrounded by controversies and legal cases. These legal hassles are likely to continue with more intensity. In 2008 he is under the annual ruling of number 8 which indicates unforeseen circumstances, accidents and sacrifice. Aamir needs to be cautious about his health and personal relations too.


Salman Khan : 27 Dec 1965

He is governed by number 9 as per the birth date, but as he is a Capricorn, he is not likely to have any positive effects of Mars. As a result, year 2007 wasn’t quite favourable for him. Similarly I don’t see any growth in his career in 2008. in 2008 he will be under the Annual Autonomous ruling of number 3 which is weakly placed in his numeroscope. As a result, more legal issues are likely to crop against him. 


Deepika Padukone : 5 Jan 1986

The rising Star of Bollywood is governed by Number 5. Number 5 is governed by Mercury. Mercurians have sudden rise and falls in life. Their destiny moves in unpredictable directions. Deepika needs to be very selective in her work as doing a large number of movies is likely to deteriorate her work performance. If she handles her career seriously with a cool mind, no doubt she will be the next Queen of Bollywood. Similar numbers were present in the Numeroscope of Actor Kumar Gaurav too, who no doubt had a good start but failed to leave his mark in the long run. Year 2008 will be one of the most significant years of her career. She is under the Annual Ruling of number 5 in which she will have a roller-coaster ride. Decisions taken this year will play a significant role in shaping her career.


Bipasha Basu : 7 Jan 1979

Awarded as the Sexiest actress, Bipasha has everything in her favour till May 2008. She is born under the influence of Saturn and Neptune. These numbers  have their own elegance and aura which remains in the hearts of masses centuries later too. She is likely to act an immortal character in 2008, which will bring her fame and respect world over. Year 2008 is a year of grand success and opportunities. However, mental tensions and feuds are indicated on personal front.


Ms. Mayawati  : 15 Jan 1956

This year I decided to add Ms. Mayawati in the list of Celebrities because of the significant changes that are likely to enhance her career. Year 2007 was a landmark year in her Career. Year 2008 is the Year of Consolidation. This year Mayawati is likely to play a role of prime importance in India’s politics. Her grand success in UP Elections mudt be considered just a beginning. Its still a long way to go. In the Year 2008 she will be under the Annual ruling of number 7 which is very strongly placed in her Numeroscope. So, it’s a rising star for Mayawati.


Rahul Gandhi: 19 June 1970

Rahul Gandhi is governed by number 1 which is strongly placed in his numeroscope . Year 2008 is governed by number 1 too. What better combination can one have to be successful ? Everything is in his favour in the year ahead. As predicted by me Last Year, Rahul was assigned a Significant Post of Authority in Congress. With his soul number 5, he wants to portray himself as a Youth icon. He will succeed in developing his brand image among the youths in the year ahead.  As the Year 2008 is ruled by the Mighty Sun it also brings along with itself a hidden danger of accidents and mishaps. Rahul needs o take special care of his health.


Mukesh Ambani : 19 April 1957

In the Year 2007 he was in new due to different reasons which not only glamourized his public image but also made him more popular among the Youths. He is governed by number 1 as per the date of birth which is perfectly compatible with the Annual ruling of number 1 in the year 2008. Year 2008 is highly favourable for him as it is perfectly compatible with his birth numbers as well as the destiny number. New ventures and takeovers are on the Card for him in 2008.



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