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Swetark Ganesha | Shwetark Ganesha | Svetark Ganpati | Madar Ganesha | Mandar Ganesha

Swetark Ganpati - Shwetark Ganesha - Svetark Ganesh - Madar Ganpati statue

Siddha Shvetark Ganapati is one of the purest and rarest sacred item on this earth. Shwetark Ganapati is obtained from the root of a shrub, that takes the form of Lord Ganesha. In Sanskrit it is called Ark and in Hindi known as Aark. Ark plant has green and blue leaves. Its flowers are of small size but without any fragrance. The Aak species has a rare white plant which also has white flowers. This is a rare plant and cannot be found easily.     (Click to Enlarge)

Shwetark Ganesha  is used for doing Sadhana according to Tantra shastra. Ganesha Puraana says that the house which has a Swetark Ganpati remains free from all evils and the possessor is blessed with immense wealth.

Swetark Ganpati increases the vigor, vitality and enthusiasm if kept in the bed room and enhances concentration when kept in study room. One attains spiritual powers by worshipping it.

Ayurveda mentions two principal varieties of Calotropis or Madar ShwetArk or the Calotropis with white flowers and Raktarka or Calotropis with red or purple flowers. Ark or Madar or Calotropis is native to India and grows in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Bihar. It is a tough plant and adopts well in different types of habitats.

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The plant of madar or mandar or aak has been in the traditional religious and cultural practice since the time immemorial. Its leaves were used for Sun worship in Vedic times. The leaves and flowers of this plant are considered to be very sacred in the Hindu mythology. Leaves of madar along with the flowers and fruits of Dhatura plant are used in the worship of Lord Shiva. The garlands of flowers of Swetark are used in the worship of Lord Hanuman.

Where is Swetark obtained from ?

Shwetark Ganpati PlantWe obtain Swetark Ganpati from the root of Shwetark tree that takes the shape of Lord Ganesh. After twenty one years the shape of Lord Ganesha is immerged at the root of the Shwetark tree. The Aak that produces white and fragrant flowers is called as Swetark. This is a rare shrub. Flowers of Swetark are considered to be the favorite of Lord Shiva. The root of this shrub is worshipped on some auspicious day and then dug out as per vedic rituals.

As per the mantras and guidelines in Ganesha puraana, then its carved into the form of Ganapati or Ganesh in ravi pushya yoga. Silver or Gold Cutters are used to give these roots the shape of Lord Ganesha. But at the same time we do not disturb the natural shape of the roots resembling Ganesha, thereby preserving the piousness and sanctity of the idol.


Importance of Swetark Ganpati or Madar Ganesha :

It is believed that those who worship this idol of Ganesha enjoy the presence of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Shiva. The Ganesh idol carved out of the root of Svetark is worshiped to receive blessings of Shiva and Ganesha, to achieve knowledge and power, to get promotion in jobs and to increase business, to maintain harmony in married life, to get rid from the hardships of insufficiency, to activate positive energy in the house and to get victory over enemies.

Idol of Shwetark Ganesha is the lord of Ridhi-Siddhi. Those who to keep this idol of Ganesha in their homes enjoy the presence of Devi Laxmi. No enemy can harm them. It is said that. Jap of beej-mantra of Lord Ganesh before this idol ensures His darshan. This white tree of Aak is considered to be a form of lord Ganesha. So the houses having august presence of the white Aak can't have damaging effect of any enemy. Idol of lord Ganesh made of white Aak is considered to be rare. It is also said that houses with such an idol can never have any hardship or insufficiency.

One can get rid off so many types of fevers if he or she wears the root of Ark extracted in Ravi-Pushya Yoga. This treatment should be done early in the morning without having a word with anyone. The root must be made sacred (Abhimantrit) by the sacred mantra of Lord Ganesh before wearing it. To cure ailment of an eye one should keep cotton soaked in milk of white aak, on the thumb of the foot opposite the oiling eye.

It is a highly auspicious talisman because of it natural powers . It give immense wealth and money , it maintains harmony in married life ,it  make promotion in business and professional life .It also good for knowledge and concentration, I help to get rid of poverty Removes  obstacles and illness from home and office .It also remove vastu dosh of any particular place where it is kept .


Benefits of Swetark Ganesha

To get blessings of LOrd Shiva and Ganesha.

Gives knowledge and concentration power.

Promotion in job and increase in business.

Maintains harmony in married life.

Eliminates illness and diseases.

For Prosperity and growth.

Get rid of hardship or insufficiency.

Activating positive energies in the house.

Protection against enemy.

| Swetark Ganesha | Shwetark Ganesha | Svetark Ganpati | Madar Ganesha | Mandar Ganesha |

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