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Saturn Enters Libra ! Good or Bad ? : Saturn Predictions

(Effect of Saturn transit on India and the World)

Saturn enters Libra on 15th November 2011 and will continue its transit in Libra till 2nd November 2014


Lord Shani

Salient features of Saturn's transit in Libra :

Saturn enters Libra on 15th November 2011 and will be transiting there till 2nd November 2014.

In 2012, Saturn will be retrograde from 7th February to 24th June. (During this period the Natives of Leo Sign will experience Sadhe Sati effect once again)

In 2013, Saturn will be retrograde from 18th February to 8th July.

Libra is the sign of Saturn's Exaltation. Libra signifies the balance of powers and a just and equitable distribution of power, wealth and energies. Saturn is the planet known for its just decisions and crusading attitude. Saturn being a crusader ensures that if injustice is done then it is only a time bound phenomenon and justice has to be brought by the end of the day. In present day scenario, Saturn represents Democracy and Judiciary.

Saturn is a great equalizer and makes sure that no injustice or cruelty is done even to the commonest person. On the other hand, it makes sure that the mighty & wealthy are not spared because of the plentiful resources they possess.

 Saturn is coming back to reign the world after 30 years. Almost 30 years back Saturn entered Libra in October 1982 and was there till September 1985.During that period, India experienced some radical events like Operation Blue Star, Assassination of Indira Gandhi, Sikh Massacres, Rajiv Gandhi's overnight success and in the world US President Reagan and Pope John Paul were shot dead and Anwar Sadat was killed.


Saturn in Libra brought about following changes in the past :
1774-1778, The American Revolution
1803-1806, Maritime Prosperity and Peace at Amiens
1833-1836, Bank Credit Land Boom, Morris Code
1862-1865, Civil War Boom
1891-1894, Railroad Prosperity, Advent of Radio
1921-1924, Movies invent Talkies
1950-1953, Korean War Boom, Advent of Color TV
1980-1983 Reagan Boom, Advent of Personal Computer

So, what do we expect this time from Saturn transit in Libra ?

  • Technological and Communication progress will be stupendous during the Saturn transit..

  • India will loose a very senior politician and so will the global politics.

  • Saturn warns the Financial Institutions too ! Danger alarm rings loud and clear.

  • Saturn transit assures stern and unexpected judicial decisions and reviews.

  • Corrupt Officials and politicians Beware ! Gallows and Bars are awaiting you !

  • Saturn transit in Libra indicates that there will be numerous problems to all political parties in democracy.

  • Autocracy and kingship will come to an end globally. Saturn fill facilitate the decline of many more tyrannical and lavish rules will end abruptly.( The fire of Jasmine Revolution will be re-kindled)

  • Saturn is not afraid to explain the problems and in Libra he will insist on fair and equitable solutions and judgments.

  • Saturn seeks to identify the problems in relationships between financial partners and while in Libra he will seek solutions.

  • In the world of finance, hedge funds, and mutual funds will have unique partnership problems that threaten to shorten the life of these funds.

  • Saturn's entrance into Libra also brings along the devaluation of a currency. Dollar in foreseen to suffer serious troubles.

  • Negotiations involving mergers and acquisitions will be difficult during Saturn's transit in Libra.

  • Government's regulations as well as rules will have dramatic and often with unintended consequences.

  • Courts and the Judiciary will have difficulty applying the new rules so that each litigations are dealt with treated fairly.

  • Legal issues abound with the government officials and ministers. Many tainted faces will be revealed during the Saturn transit.

  • While moving through Libra problems will occur in sectors considered related to luxury goods.

  • Saturn is going to make it very difficult for merchants as well as buyers. Thanks to the steep rise in prices of  all basic amenities.

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To conclude I would say that its a danger alarm for the corrupt, wrong-doers and those who have taken undue advantage of the weak and common people. For the true, honest, god-fearing common men and the mango people (aam aadmi) like in India Saturn transit in Libra will be favorable in all aspects except the price rise.

with best wishes,

Dr. (Pt.) Aaadietya Pandey

       D.Sc (A.M.), Ph.d (Astrology)

(Jyotish Maha-mahopadhyay) 

(First ISO 9001:2008  Certified Astrologer - Numerologist in the World)


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