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| What is Navratri ? | Significance of Navratri | Navratri Pooja |

Kalash Sthaapna in Navratri | Nine forms of Goddess Durga | Navratri Legend |

Goddess Durga Aarti | Durga Chaalisa | Navratri Celebrations |

Navratri and Garba dance | 108 names of Goddess Durga |


Year 2017 : Predictions for India

Year 2017 is governed by Number 10. Number 10 is ruled by the mighty Sun. Not only is Sun the mightiest among the nine planets but in Numerology too, we give it a lot of Significance. Among the nine single-digit numbers, the 1 takes a special place. From a spiritual perspective, it is the number of creation, the primal force from which all other numbers spring forth. Zero along with Number One signifies the supreme almighty. 

Political instability will develop in many states of the country. USD is likely to cause serious problems . Foreign Reserves will undergo steep decline. Space Research and Technologies will reach new heights of glory.

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100% Accurate Prediction once again about the Current Economic Situation ! On 17th July 2016, Dr. Aaadietya Pandey Predicted in The Times of India :

Excerpts of the Prediction are as follows :  So, what do we expect this time from Saturn transit in Scorpio ?

  • Technological and Communication progress will be stupendous during the Saturn transit..

  • Saturn warns the Financial Institutions too for the rise in NPA ! Danger alarm rings loud and clear.

  • Saturn transit assures stern and unexpected judicial decisions ,reviews.

  • Corrupt Officials and politicians Beware ! Gallows and Bars are awaiting you !

  • In the world of finance, hedge funds, and mutual funds will have unique partnership problems that threaten to shorten the life of these funds.

  • Saturn's entrance into Scorpio also brings along the devaluation of a currency. Dollar & Pound is foreseen to cause serious troubles.

  • Courts and the Judiciary will have difficulty applying the new rules so that each litigations are dealt with treated fairly.

  • Legal issues abound with the government officials and ministers. Many tainted faces will be revealed during the Saturn transit.

  • Saturn is going to make it very difficult for merchants as well as buyers. 

Diwali Special 2016 | Diwali Pujan | Diwali Rituals |


| When is Diwali in 2016  | Diwali Legend |Diwali - Five days Celebration | Diwali Significance |

| Dhanteras | Chhoti Diwali | Diwali Pooja| Govardhan Pooja | Bhaiduj | Laxmi Pooja | Ganesh Pooja |

| Diwali in Sikhism | Diwali in Jainism | Special Significance of Diwali | Diwali Pooja Process |

Ganesh Chaturthi | Ganesha Chaturthi | Ganesha Pooja (5th Sep 2016)

Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the grandest and most elaborate festivals that Indians celebrate. Especially in the state of Maharastra. Ganesha Chaturthi is the birthday of Lord Ganesha. Ganesh chaturthi is celebrated for 10 days. 


It begins on the fourth day of shukla chaturthi and ends on the day of ananta chaturdashi. The power of Lord Ganesha is invoked on the first day; worshipped elaborately in decorated pandals for 9 days; and on the tenth day he is bid farewell by immersing in water bodies.


Swetark Ganpati | Shwetark Ganesha | Swetark Madar GaneshSwetark Ganpati | Shwetark Ganesha | Svetark Ganesh | Madar Ganpati statue

 Siddha Shvetark Ganapati is one of the purest and rarest sacred item on this earth. Shwetark Ganapati is obtained from roots of a shrub, that takes the form of Lord Ganesha. Swetark Ganpati increases the vigor, vitality and enthusiasm if kept in the bed room and enhances concentration when kept in study room. One attains spiritual powers by worshipping it.

It is believed that those who worship this idol of Ganesha enjoy the presence of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Shiva. The Ganesh idol carved out of the root of Svetark is worshiped – to receive blessings of Shiva and Ganesha, to achieve knowledge and power, to get promotion in jobs and to increase business, to maintain harmony in married life, to get rid from the hardships of insufficiency, to activate positive energy in the house and to get victory over enemies.

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| Dwadash Jyotirlinga | Parad Shivlingam | 108 Names of Lord Shiva |

| Parad Rudraksha Mala Maha Mrityunjay | Shiva Tandav| Sphatik Shiv Lingam | Sphatik Shivling - Yoni

| Rudrabhishekam Parad Store |

Predictions for Year 2016 !!

How is the new year 2016 going to be ? Numerology unveils your destiny based on the date of birth.


Your birth number foretells the secrets related to career, finance, marriage and the aspects of life. With the remedial measures prescribed the adverse effect of the planets may be nullified. 



Live Consultation from Dr. Aaadietya Pandey

Dr. Aaadietya Pandey is available for Live Astrology & Numerology Consultation at New Delhi, Gurgaon. Meeting will be Strictly on a prior Appointment. Every Client will be given a 60 minutes Appointment wherein complete privacy shall be maintained.

For appointment you may fill the form and order online or contact : +91 -  9839117339

Pitra Paksha (28th Sep to 12th Oct)pitra dosha pitru dosh effect

What is Pitra Dosha ?

How is Pitra Dosha formed ?

How to identify the effect of Pitra Dosh ?

Types of Pitra Dosha

 Rarest Pooja Products !

Black Kaudi  -  Kaali Kowdi

Black kaudi imageBlack Kaudi or Kaalili Kowdi or Black Cowrie shell is of great significance in the worship of Goddess Maha Kaali ji and Lord Bhairav ji.

It protect from negative energies of black magic and relieves the native from the clutches of tantra.In Astrology, Black Kaudi is used to balance the planetary effect of Saturn and the malefic effects of Ketu and Rahu.It ensures protection from spirits and blck magic.

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Yellow Kaudi  -  Peeli Kowdi

Yellow Peeli Kaudi imageYellow Kaudi or Peeli Kowdi or Yellow Cowrie shell is of great significance in the worship of Goddess Mahalaxmi and Lord Vishnu.


Yellow Kaudi is used to balance the planetary effect of Jupiter and the malefic effects of Ketu and Rahu. When kept on Dhanteras and Akshay Triteeya, Yellow Kaudi ensures a smooth flow of money.

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Swetark Ganpati

Swetark GanpatiSiddha Shvetark Ganapati is one of the purest and rarest sacred item on this earth. Shwetark Ganapati is obtained from roots of a shrub, that takes the form of Lord Ganesha.

Gomti Chakra

Gomti ChakraGomti Chakra is a rare natural and spiritual product, a form of shell stone. It is also known as Sudarshan Chakra as it resembles the divine weapon of Lord Krishna - the Sudarshan Chakra. It is used in the worship of Goddess Lakshmi ji.


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Jupiter Transit Cancer 2014

Jupiter Transit on 19th June 2014 : Effect of Jupiter Transit in Leo

On 19th June, Jupiter enters Cancer, its sign of exaltation after nearly 12 years !

Hence, Jupiter’s transit through Cancer will be of utmost significance in each and every person’s life as Jupiter is believed to govern all the four aspects of life – Dharma, Artha, Kaama & Moksha. 

100% accurate Prediction by us once again !

We had predicted his success in December 2013 and the warning Bells for the other Political Parties. Mr. Kejriwal has MARS in his 3rd house – the best possible planet to support this trait. In addition, the lord of 3rd house is MOON which is exalted and well placed in the Lagna - as discussed in the previous lines. This combination is very good for courage, will power and mind stability. The debilitated MARS, of course, restricts the native which otherwise could have made him a ruthlessness person.

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Role of Red Color in the Fall of Airlines Companies (SpiceJet & KingFisher)

Few years ago, Kingfisher suffered a financial crisis and had to shut down and these days SpiceJet is in news for a similar risk.

Here we delve into the cause and effect behind it through Astrology & Numerology. Aviation industry is governed by the effect of Saturn & Venus in Astrology.  Blue & Black are the colors favorable for Saturn related businesses and White is the lucky color for Venus related trades. Even though the trade is primarily under the influence of planet Saturn we consider Venus signifies and affects the Luxury Airliners and the elite class business in this industry.

  • Both have their logo in RED color.

  • Both began their operations on a Number 9 date (Kingfisher on 09.05.2005 & SpiceJet 18.05.2005).

  • Both rose to the heights of success and fame and then suddenly declined !

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Saturn Enters Scorpio on 2nd Nov 2014 ! Good or Bad ? : Saturn Predictions

As Saturn enters Scorpio after stepping down from its sign of exaltation 2nd November 2014, let us see how it will impact the masses in general.

Sagittarians will have the first phase of Sadhe Sati and sadhe Sati concludes for Virgo. People with Natal Moon in Leo will have Laghu Kalyani Dhaiyya. People with Natal Moon in Aries will have Ashtam Shani.  Saturn Transit brings with itself havoc, a fear as if doom is knocking the door. Why is Saturn associated with so much of fear? Why are people afraid of Sadhe Sati ? Is Sadhe Sati really so dangerous?

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Akshay Tritiya

One of the Most Auspicious day of the Year. It is said that knowledge gained or charity done on this day is very fruitful. It is considered to be very lucky day to start new business or venture. Many people buy gold or property on this day.


India, Bharat, Hind or Hindustan ?

Which is the Luckiest name for our nation? Why do we Indians lag behind, even though we have all the resources? Why are we not the leaders in the world? Why have we not been able to properly exploit our resources? And why has the golden bird lost its pristine glory ?


Goddess Bagla mukhi

Goddess Baglamukhi Jayanti

Bagalamukhi is one of the ten mahavidyas (great wisdom goddesses) in Hinduism. Bagalamukhi Devi smashes the devotee's enemies.Bagalamukhi Puja is performed ritually to defeat enemies. It not only decreases the power of the enemy, but also creates an atmosphere where they become helpless.

The energised Bagalamukhi Yantra made on rarely available and pious bhoj patra is also used for the same purpose. Baglamukhi Yantra protects the person from enemies and evils.

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Kundli Matching | Kundli Milan | Horoscope MatchingKundli Matching Report

Is your Kundli matching properly ? Are there doshas in Kundli Mtch ? Will the married life be happy and successful ? Is gana dosh, nadi dosh affecting your married life? Get an in-depth analysis of the kundli match and the suggested remedies as well.

 1800.00 INR  Order Kundli Matching Report

Love Life Report

How will be your life life ? Will you succeed in love ? Will the love life continue ? Will she accept your proposal ? Will he accept your love ? These and many more questions are answered in this report.

 3000.00 INR  Order LOve Life  Report

Marriage reportMarriage Report

Delay in Marriage ? Problems in Married life ? How will be your married life ? When will you get married? Why is there a delay in Marriage? Why do proposals get struck at the last moment ?

 3000.00 INR  Order Marriage Report

Is the King of Good Times suffering bad days ?

King suffers the adverse effect of planets and numbers

The intense effect of Saturn transit started since 20th August 2011 when Saturn entered the antim charan in Virgo.  Kingfisher Airlines has also been a sufferer of this transitional phase. This phase ends on 15th November 2011 with Saturn’s entry in Libra. Kingfisher Airlines will get some relief from December and will be able to perform from 2012 (once again a year governed by number 5).

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Saturn enters Libra on 14th November 2011 - November 2014

Libra is the sign of exaltation for Saturn. With the transit of Saturn in Libra many significant changes will take place on the global level. This marks the beginning of Saadhe Sati for Scorpio and the end for Leo. Read what will be its impact on your sign.

Why are people afraid of Sadhe Sati & Saturn Transit ?         What is Sadhe Sati ?          Effect of Saturn Transit to Libra

Hal Shashthi

Hal Chhath - Hal Shashthi - Balram Jayanti - Lalhi Shath

Hal Chhath is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Balram - the elder brother of Lord Krishna. The day is also known as Shasti or Lalhi Shast. Shovel and pestle (Hal) were the main weapons of Balram. As a result, he is also referred to as Haldhar on many occassions. Hal Chhath is primarily celebrated by the married women. Women observed a fast on that day for obtaining a male child or for good health of their children.


Triple Eclipse in June -July 2011 -Total lunar Eclipse 16th June 2011   

The months of June - July 2011 will witness a rare Astrological phenomenon of the 21st century. Triple eclipses will occur in a single month. The coming Lunar Solar Eclipses on 1st July 2011 forms a set of Triple Eclipse. The Lunar Eclipse of (Chandra Grahan) June 16, 2011 was followed by a solar eclipse (Surya Grahan) on June 1, 2011.


Is your name lucky ?

Its all in the name ! Is your name lucky ? How does a lucky name spelling affect your destiny. Is your name lucky as per Numerology ?


Is your child's name lucky ?

Assign a lucky name to your child. A lucky name will enrich his life with positive vibes and remove the negative effect of numbers & planets.  


Is your firm's name lucky ?

 A lucky firm name is necessary to earn consistent growth.  Are you incurring losses in business? Get your firm's name analyzed and make it compatible with your destiny.



Can Signature make you lucky ?

Signature is the graph of your life. Your life moves in the manner you sign. Your signature has a direct impact on your thinking, creativity and efficient utilization of skills


100 % Accurate Predictions once again! 2008 - 2015

Accurate Predictions given by us are now a tradition that is repeated year after year. Once again our Predictions about Indian Celebrities were 100% accurate.


Significance of number 108 : Numerological view

Number 108 symbolises perfection. The unity of the material and worldly aspect of the universe. Why do we have 108 beads in a maala ? Why is 108 so auspicious ? Why do some people add 108 before their name ?                                                                          more..

Favourite Colour can reveal your character


Ever wondered that your favourite colour can reveal secrets about your character. Here we unfold those secrets for you.               


Numerology : What is your birth-date ?

Did you know that your birth date itself tells a lot about you and your life. Know what your birth-date reveals about you.



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